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DIY January 29, 2009

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In the lieu of the times we are facing more and more brides are choosing to be more hands on in their wedding planning and embracing the so called DIY projects.

If you are one of the many just make sure that the projects you choose are simple and don’t require all your time and essence otherwise you’ll end up with more headaches that is worth.

For instance if you never baked before don’t decide to make your own wedding cake instead go for a simpler approach like baking mini cookies to send the guest with as a favor. You don’t need to be a chef in order to make them, none will know that your recipe came from your beloved aunt ” Nestle Toll House” (remember the Friend’s episode where Phoebe would swear by her family’s recipe?).

What makes the big impact is how you present them.

Here are some budget friendly ideas:


You can find the jars in most Craft stores. Ikea also has them. I actually found something similar and with a very good price on this website


Here is how they look like


They also have other items for weddings like Cake Stands and glass topped apothecary ( a candy buffet table in mind?)

Or you can make a cookie station and have guests pick up their favorite.

This idea is less expensive because you can use glass-lined bags and they normally sell for $0.10 each. You can check the website:



At my wedding we sent guests home with chocolate truffles wrapped in handmade crochet handkerchief (made by my mom’s friends in Brazil = $0 expense) inside a wooden box. The only problem I had was not having one left for me. 😦

So whatever it is that you are planning just make sure you also get to enjoy it.


Sneak Peak December 12, 2008

I’m suspicious to talk about this invitation since it comes from my friend and blogger friend Clemens Designs but I was looking at her new work and samples and just fell in love with it. It’s so original and out of the blue … I’m in love … don’t u love out of the ordinary things? Well you are lucky to get a first glance since this have not been made public in her website YET!!!

Thread Invite It looks simple right … but it’s  not!!


So yeah … right now this is just on the top of all time favorite invite because it’s OUT OF THE BOX!! I’m so cheesy!!!


Sweet Tooth December 11, 2008

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Sorry that we have been absent on the blog but we were away for Thanksgiving and since coming back life has been crazy with all the Holiday preps. As you probably notice I love to talk about sweets!! 😉 I just think that weddings are such a sweet moment in a person’s life so why not fill the wedding reception with sweets????

I was looking at the pictures of a Real Wedding and the couple had adorable MiniCakes as favors and gourmet chocolate and other sweet things that really fell together with their decoration.

All the sweets were done by the great catering company Emporium Fine Foods that I have tried their stuff and it’s just decadent!!


For Emporium Fine Foods Contact: emporium.usa@gmail.com


ohh feathers November 14, 2008

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Out of the things I am loving this year Feathers rank the Top 10.

It adds such a “vavavoomm” to any outfit.

So why not incorporate it to your wedding day?

Hope you get inspired by the photos….


Or if you dare…Why not the dress….


And…before I forget….

For the “fashionistas” out there….

I am still searching for the perfect Peacock Headband….

Any ideas?


More Sweet Ideas November 13, 2008

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Just as FYI I don’t have a sweet tooth but browsing yesterday on my favorite wedding blogs I found this pictures and fell in love. Who said your cake table needs to be boring and only have the cake? Spice the wedding with a sweet table that will make your guests feel like that they are in sweetland heaven. Amy Atlas table designs just blow my mind!!!!


Please provide your guest with some bibs because it’s certain their mouth will water.

Images from Amy Atlas Events


Lace November 12, 2008

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I’ve always been found of lace.

Even as kid I remember playing with my dolls dressing them up with their “lacy” dress.

I don’t know…I guess the romantic girl in me relates to the fabric…. to the way is so delicate….

The funny thing is that even thou I love lace….think that is the most “Weddingish” fabric that there is I didn’t have it on my Special Day.

So this post is for the married-5years-wish-I-had-used-this-on-my-wedding-day girl in me.



A little humor to survive Monday!!! November 10, 2008

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Mondays are painful … but reading something like this can very easily help you forget any pain:

A little humor doesn't hurt!!Cheers for some humor!!

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